Core Memory, a non-profit arts organization based in Rhode Island, is organizing and hosting a series of house concerts beginning in September 2017. A distinguished group of professional musicians is looking forward to meeting you and presenting classical music and jazz in a relaxed, informal setting.

The concerts take place in a private home in southern Rhode Island, a few miles west of Narragansett. Located near a scenic mill pond, this venue is ideal for an evening of entertainment and fine music. The performance space is a large living room with a Steinway grand piano and comfortable seating. Our concerts consistently earn rave reviews from our audiences:

  • “Wonderful music in a beautiful setting … great concept and execution!”

  • “The young musician poured into the piano his energy, intelligence, emotional maturity, and charm.”

  • “We were thrilled. The performance, the setting, and your hospitality were all magical.”

  • “One of the most wonderful nights I have had since moving to the United States … an extraordinary evening.”

Join us!

To stay informed about our concert series, please sign up for our low-volume mailing list. You will receive one or two emails each month with information about upcoming concerts and other late-breaking news.

If you would like to make a reservation, please send us an email with your name(s) and the concert date(s) you want to attend. We want to encourage everyone to try this out, so there is no admission charge. To help defray our costs, we ask for a voluntary donation at each concert.

Core Memory relies on private communications and word of mouth to publicize our concerts. You can help us spread the word by sharing this web page with interested family and friends.

2017-2018 Season

The focus is on solo piano music this season.

Concert Date Genre Artist(s)
September 9, 2017 piano Benjamin Krasner
October 14, 2017 jazz vocals Amanda Ekery and Andrew Boudreau
November 11, 2017 piano Seolyeong Jeong
December 9, 2017 piano and cello Dongwon Lee and Jiyoung Choi
January 13, 2018 piano Chengcheng Yao
February 10, 2018 piano Sophiko Simsive
March 17, 2018 KCMF fundraiser Natalie Zhu
April 14, 2018 jazz vocals Amanda Ekery and Andrew Boudreau
May 12, 2018 piano Robin Giesbrecht
June 9, 2018 piano Christopher Goodpasture

2018-2019 Season

Concert Date Genre Artist(s)
September 8, 2018 piano four hands Chengcheng Yao and Stefan Chaplikov
October 13, 2018 piano Kyle Orth
November 10, 2018 strings & piano Moriah Trenk and friends
December 8, 2018 strings Amici String Quartet
January 12, 2019 piano Christine Wu
February 9, 2019 violin & piano Sophie Wang
March 9, 2019 piano four hands Arianna Körting and Robin Giesbrecht
March 30, 2019 piano Viktor Valkov
April 13, 2019 piano Tom Hicks
May 11, 2019 piano Seolyeong Jeong

Core Memory is also planning to host several jazz performances during the 2018-2019 season. If you’d like to perform, please send us an email with the date(s) you’re available and a link to your website or CV. We can accommodate ensembles of up to six players.

“Every concert experience is memorable in some way. Performing concerts is such an intense and intimate experience, and yet over in an instant, that nothing else I know comes close.”Ivana Gavrić, 36, pianist

“When you’re little, you say a lot of things about what you’ll do or be when you’re older. I think it’s important not to lose sight of those dreams.”Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, 23, physicist